Do you want a package delivered right here and now?

Couriers of Copenhagen know the way and your package will be collected within half an hour in Greater Copenhagen. We also prioritize the green environment by optimizing routes and reducing CO2 emissions.

We deliver it to the destination by the shortest route in the fastest time. You will receive an email with the name and time of receipt immediately after delivery.


Does your package need to be driven outside Denmark's borders?

Couriers of Copenhagen have performed reliable transport services throughout Europe. Regardless of the distance, you can always count on us for safe and timely delivery, making us your preferred choice for European transport.


Should your package be driven in a heated car?

Couriers of Copenhagen specializes in safe transport of pharma products, temperature control is essential. With our dedicated service, we ensure that your sensitive medical shipments reach their destination safely and intact, every time.


Should your AOG be handled by us?

Couriers of Copenhagen is ready to handle your AOG (aircraft spare parts) with a comprehensive service. We will collect your parts, print all necessary documents, and apply the correct labels before delivering them to the shipping center. Our service is available around the clock, 365 days a year, so you can always count on us.


Should your package be delivered airside at the airport?

Couriers of Copenhagen is part of the airline industry where efficiency and accuracy are essential. We understand the need for fast and accurate delivery of spare parts to avoid costly downtime. Our express delivery service ensures that the right parts get around the airport where we have access to the blue and red zone.


Do you need to have transported dangerous goods?

Couriers of Copenhagen’s transport services are tailored to handle DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations) with care and precision. We prioritize safety and compliance with all relevant regulations to ensure that dangerous goods are transported safely and efficiently to their destination.


Does your delivery require extra security?

Couriers of Copenhagen gives you peace of mind with our secure transport services, which ensure the safe and protected delivery of your valuable assets such as – weapons, documents, jewelery and watches.


Do your goods need to go out to customers?

Couriers of Copenhagen has extensive experience with distribution, and we ensure that we always meet at the agreed time to pick up and distribute. With us you get a reliable transport department that is dedicated to your needs.


Does your package need to be delivered in person outside the country's borders?

Couriers of Copenhagen has acted as a reliable partner for our customers when speed is essential. We have experience flying our customers’ packages quickly to their destination. Our service includes everything from picking up the package, booking the flight ticket and personally ensuring that the package is delivered safely and on time to the specified destination.